Swiss Inn

How we came to be...

In 1864, The Homestead Farm, a dairy farm of 180 acres, was built by John Walker. The farm was sold to Henry Davis in 1870.

The Davis family owned and worked the farm for many years. The most colorful member of the family seems to have been Delmar Davis, who was an avid gun collector and was well known by the townspeople. He lived to be 83 years old.

The farm was sold in 1960 to Dr. Benjamin Sachner, a dentist, who converted the property to a hotel and named it the University House. Many college students from the New England Ivy League schools frequented it. At the time, the lounge area, located where the lobby is now, was a very popular go-go bar.

tennis courtThe hotel was sold to John and Sandra Phillips in 1967. The name was changed to the Mountain Vale Motel. The Phillips added the second floor to the inn, doubling the number of guest rooms.

After John Phillips death in 1973, Sandra Phillips sold the inn to Hans and Lisa Gegenschatz. Much work was done to the inn, now called the Swiss Inn, while the Gegenschatzs owned it.

The tennis court was built, the old barn was disassembled and a swimming pool installed. The barn was sold to a family named Fall of Jamaica and is still waiting to be reassembled. The Gegenschatzs enlarged the dining room and did much redecorating of the guest rooms in the inn.

The Donahue family purchased the inn in June of 1991 and will continue to provide the same hospitality and friendly service that the Swiss Inn guests have come to experience.

249 Route 11
Londonderry, VT   05148

The Donahue Family, Innkeepers